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The Mermaid’s Chest

The Mermaid’s Chest is perhaps one of the most delightful (and might I add best kept secrets in SB) little Vintage/Consignment Store’s ever in existence. Tucked away in the bowels of downtown Santa Barbara’s forgotten side streets, this adorable little shop owned by Local Debbie Moore is a must see attraction for the Vintage minded. From Bolo Ties, to antique silver and turquoise jewelry, python belts, cowboy boots, abalone bracelets, antique furniture….this little store couldn’t possibly be stuffed fuller. The items are arranged in a way that makes you feel at home, and the prices are ridiculously reasonable. Located in downtown Santa Barbara 16 B Helena Avenue. Open Daily from 12-6ish, Debbie keeps the store open as long as as someone wants to shop!

Mermaid's Chest Santa Barbara

The Mermaid's Chest Santa Barbara

The Mermaid's Chest Santa Barbara

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