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MADELINE: For me personally, skinny jeans are a daily necessity…goes with everything…crop tops, tunic tops, dresses…under boots, with flats, with sexy heels…you name it skinny jeans fit the bill. What I love about these skinny jeans is the zipper detail on the bottom!! I own a few pairs of skinny jeans with a similar zipper detail. Instant boho chic flair for the otherwise casual jean favorite. DETAIL IS EVERYTHING.

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I love the “roll out of bed messy” sexy tomboy look…and this vintage black brimmed classic  is exactly what I look for in a classic daytime hat. Bad hair day…no problem…we’ve gotta hat for that.

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If you happen to be one of the kick ass Bombshells that frequents BBOMBS on a regular basis (WE LOVE YOU!!!), you’re probably aware of my slight, shall we say obsession? with BOOTS of all shapes and sizes. Boots are my essential fall/winter item and these maroon ankle high boots have us drooling!!!!

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Mustard Yellow has to be one of my all time favorite colors…LOOK AT THIS PEACOAT TELL ME SHE”S BROKE. (thanks Kanye) PERFECT FOR FALL. Give me a classic full length trench in mustard yellow with wooden button detail?? DONE.

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This adorably classic yet chic ensemble makes me want to reconsider the 2 years I’ve spent growing my hair out (after a dramatic cropped platinum phase) and go back to this classic cropped look. So classic, and I’m completely OBSESSED with these round frames!!! Not to mention the fabulous zip detail cardigan…Burnt dark orange is the perfect color for your fall wardrobe!

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ARIEL: It’s that time of year again! Smell that? It’s the unforgettable scent of the pavement and grass after a first rain, when the winds calm and the sun peaks its face out from behind the clouds and you’re suddenly so grateful for sunshine. We Californians have a bad habit of taking nice weather for granted. But once that rain starts, it’s like the classic black and white movie Casablanca: you probably couldn’t watch it all the time, but when you do, it’s the best thing ever.

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Who says you need to get all high fashion all of a sudden? Not us. If you opt for something more “I’m outdoorsy and not staying inside no matter what” make sure you get the essentials: leggings, thin sweaters for layering, an army colored jacket (for all seasons, really) and short boots. Boots will be worn no matter what you’re doing. So invest in a great pair (or five!)

boho chic, fall fashion 2011, bohemian bomsbhell


Loving the Leopard print quilted jacket… Brings us back to the 80’s with those elbow patches whilst keeping that trendy edgy animal print. Topped with a plain colored beanie and shorts or skinny jeans and you’re set!

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If there’s anyone who can design the most gorgeous Navajo prints for fall it’s Isabel Marant, obvi… And she has pulled together something quite amazing here.  Just take it all in. It’s hard to pull off Navajo print and still look incredibly sexy. With this sheer black dress, delicate tassels and boots-with-a-statement, you can’t go wrong.

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Not a poncho and boots kind of gal? Who says you have to wear dark and dreary colors during Fall? Not Valentino! When those rainy days and falling leaves are a bit too depressing, brighten up your day with a warm velvet dress of any color you wish!



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