Alt-J “Taro”

Alt-J “Taro” © 2007 Infectious Records.

I recently heard Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” on the radio, and it’s SO NOT hipster of us over here at Bbombs that we hadn’t even heard of this glorious band! We’re sure their whole album will soon be released into the radio industry, but that’s okay. Their recognition is well deserved.

Usually we find beats we love by scouting out random music on Youtube or the bands at Coachella that are so underrated there’s hardly an audience. To our surprise, Alt-J is super talented and have actually been around for quite sometime now.

The English indi rock quartet  formed in ’07 but their first album didn’t hit US shelves (or should we say the web!) until last September. Some words to describe this group: “part acoustic, part acapella, with a little pinch of dubstep and bhangra thrown in.” We don’t want to compare them to anyone else because they are just THAT AWESOME.

Do yourself a favor and listen to their whole album, “An Awesome Wave.” 

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